A Conversation About our Father’s Plan



     Let's just have a rap session here for a few minutes. I wrote this article a few years ago and some of you may have read it before but I think that since the new year is starting in a day or two, it would be good to review our Father's Plan as best as I can understand it, and put this information at the forefront of our minds, to maybe have some of our Father's words come forward throughout the coming weeks and months.

     You may also have read on this site that, according to my simple calculations, the probability of the archangel Michael releasing Satan for his role of Antichrist may happen just before the coming Passover. I won't go into all of that, just know that even if I'm wrong, and the odds are very, very good that I am wrong, I will not feel any embarrassment over it because you and I have put in a lot of time studying His Word this past year and that kind of gives us the right to make a prediction, however stupid it might turn out to be.

     But, right or wrong, Father will bless us for our efforts to study and to try to understand what He has given us.


     Remember, too, that because of the difference between time based on the cycles of the moon and the cycles of the sun, the two witnesses will show up in Jerusalem 10 days before Satan/Antichrist does, so be prepared for that if and when that happens. You will know that they are sent from the Father, so rest easy and know that Satan/Antichrist will follow soon after.

     Alright, let's have at it.....


     Everything I write on this web site is usually documented with Scripture. I keep my personal opinions to myself because it’s not my words that will mean something to you, it’s the words of our Father and Jesus Christ but right now I’m just going to have a conversation with you, albeit, one sided as it is.

     When you study a particular subject, and really delve into it, you can come away with some insights that weren’t specifically written but, as your mind processes the information, you can sometimes put two and two together and fill out your understanding. It’s just the way the human mind works. You deduce things from given information.

     With that in mind, what I’m about to write is not going to be documented with inserted Scripture, like I normally do, although the Biblical Word is where the information originally came from. It’s going to be a marriage of information and understanding without the printed Biblical references.

     I’m getting up in my years, a few more months and I’ll be at the good ‘ole age of 76. Many years ago this was called getting long in the tooth. Took me a while to figure out what that old saying meant but it means a person’s gums are shrinking, exposing more of the tooth.

     It happens with old coots like myself. Quite the reason someone will peel back the lips on a horse to expose his teeth, his age can roughly be determined by how much of the tooth is exposed. (Didn’t know that, did you?).

     So, I guess it’s natural that I begin to think about, I mean, REALLY think about, what’s going to happen when my passing finally occurs. Like most people, I suspect, I never really gave too much thought to what heaven would be like. I mean, you just die and go to……., well, heaven.

     There’s been a ton of books written about and hundreds of movies made about the transition into the afterlife and the return back again and they are all pretty much the same. A tunnel with a light at the end of it. Loved ones reaching out their hand to guide us into it. And I’m sure that there is some validity to all that, everybody seems to tell the same story, but it pretty much stops there. A dead end. (Heh, heh.)(Sorry.)

     Preachers aren’t that much help. They’re too busy telling us about how great we can be in this life to bother us with info about the next one. They spout the same old worn out traditional teachings that aren’t true and when you expect the truth and this is what you end up with, what’s the point?

     Well, the point is, stop listening to all this nonsense and go to the Source if you want the truth. And it’s all right there in that Book, you just have to dig it out and try to make some sense out of it all. With the help of the Holy Spirit, a great pastor and teacher, and a lot of studying on my own I have come to understand a few truths which I’m going to pass on to you today. You can take it for what it’s worth.

     I read somewhere, a long time ago, that the number of people on this planet right now is about ½ of all the people that have ever lived on this earth. With the present population being around 7.1 billion that would mean that the total number of people that have ever lived in a flesh and blood body would be about 14-15 billion, give or take.

     When our Father created all souls for His pleasure, eons ago, I feel that the total number would be somewhere around 14-15 billion, give or take, because between now and the day that He returns, there will be many more births around the world. When the war in heaven took place our Father decided to place all souls in a flesh body to enable them to decide who they would follow; Satan or Him. Revelation tells us that 1/3 of all the souls that God created followed Satan in his attempt to control Heaven and sit on the Mercy Seat.

     Scripture speaks of the 7000 of His Election that stood with Him during that time, in opposition to the 7000 of Satan’s election, if I can use that word, election for both sides of the issue. If 1/3 of all souls followed Satan and the 7000 fallen angels were a part of that, then it would make sense that another 1/3 would follow our Father and the 7000 Elect would be a part of that as well.

     That would leave the final 1/3 and I feel that these souls were fence-straddlers. Lukewarm. Neither committing to one side or the other, hanging out to see which side would prevail, taking a peek around the corner once in a while to see how things were going.

     I strongly feel that the way a person acts today, in the flesh body, is a good representation of how they acted in the age that was, in their spiritual body. Just from a lot of years watching people, their habits and the things that they do.

     The lukewarm, in the age that was, are the lukewarm people today. I like to call them sluggards. Pretty much worthless as far as donating anything positive to society as a whole. They like to depend on the government for their livelihood.

     Content to live on almost nothing for the sole purpose of not doing much of anything, some live in the grey-area of the law, always willing to take advantage of a profitable opportunity that might not be quite legal but not having the cajoles to be a proper thief. In fact, they don’t have the stones to be a proper much of anything.

     And at the bottom of this pool (yes, you can say cesspool if you like) are the souls that comprise the dregs of Heaven. The real bottom feeders.

     Since all souls have to go through this life in a flesh body our Father is required to place these souls in this life as well and it’s my feeling that if you put a worthless soul in a flesh and blood body, you end up with a worthless flesh and blood body.

     The soul in the body of the eight-year old that threw his 13 month old brother out of a two-story window because he wanted to play with the little ones’ toys is part of this dreg.

     The soul of the young man that beat a woman senseless, broke several bones in her face, all for the purpose of stealing her car and then repeated this twice more, in different parking lots, that same evening. He’s also part of that group.

     The souls of the parents of the 15-year old that kept him locked in the basement for three years, nearly starving him to death daily, are part of these dregs.

     Our Father gave the gift of free will to all souls in the beginning and that continues through this life and the one during the Millennium as well. It’s our choice what we do with that free will. A soul that acted badly in the age that was can certainly change its behavior in this world. A follower of Satan in the age that was can follow our Lord in the age which is now. It’s up to each individual.

     Even though this world is full of human beings it’s the soul that concerns our Father and it’s the soul, disregarding mental illness, which decides how it will act in this life. The grey matter in our skull is only organic material that the soul uses to make this flesh and blood function, act and react.

     So, at the end of this period of life, when all humanity comes to an end on the Lord’s Day, we are left with about 14-15 billion souls and they all have to go somewhere. Every soul that our Father created on that one special day is still alive and kicking. Satan’s soul is the only one that, so far, has been condemned to die, to perish, but even his soul is still alive. The 7000 fallen angels will die but at this point the Judgment has not been placed on them.

     We can remove 7001 souls from the equation because their fate has already been sealed and they no longer have free will to do anything about it. Their sin was so great that our Father had to just cut them off and lock them away for the duration.

     So, here we are. We have 14-15 billion souls, minus 7001, and what is our Father to do with them? Well, He does with them what we have told Him to do with them. It was our actions in this life that made that decision for our Father. He put in place a set of rules and told us that we could live by them or not. Our choice.

     Then He told us what would happen if we did live by them and He told us what would happen if we didn’t live by them. So the decision was up to us and by the time the Lord’s Day arrives, most everything will have been written in stone. I say, MOST everything.

     All of the people that have died since the creation of human beings on the 6th Day of Creation have their souls waiting in a place called Paradise. Not Heaven. Not hell. Paradise. And in the Gospels, our Father uses Lazarus and the rich man, as an example of what Paradise is like and how it is set up.

     Basically, there are two divisions of Paradise with a great gulf in between, a chasm that cannot be crossed by the souls on one side to the other and vice versa. Paradise is a temporary holding place.

     A sort of pre-judgment has already occurred and we decided the outcome. All souls have pretty much been placed on one side or the other. On the right side we have those that overcame the temptations of Satan and his buddies, they lived their lives and followed, as closely as they could, being the sinners that we are, the laws and commandments that our Father gave for us to follow. They studied the Word for themselves, they didn’t believe that the Antichrist was the true Messiah and they ended up with the seal of God in their foreheads.

     They have successfully taken part in the first resurrection. These souls, along with the 7000 Elect from the age that was, will be the teachers and judges during the Millennium. They are called His Election.

     On this same side, but in a slightly different classification, we have the souls that had the protection of our Father on them during this life. Remember, He said that if they wanted to believe a lie that He would take away their free will and allow them to do so.

     He put a cloak of innocency over them to protect them from walking into the Lake of Fire. They really loved Him very much but they believed in the rapture theory and the any-moment doctrine and the wealth of nonsense taught by most preachers and they were not able to shake that off.

     They are the ones for which the Millennium has been set up. They are the ones that will receive the necessary discipline and teaching that they didn’t have in this life. And it will be accomplished without the interference of Satan and his buddies. But nobody gets a free ride. Though they were protected by God in this life they have to be tested by Satan for five months at the conclusion of the 1000 years.

     Then we have the souls on the left side of Paradise. These are basically divided into two groups: the ones that understood the truth of it all, including knowing that the false messiah was Satan/Antichrist but that didn’t matter to them.

     It was more important to live in the world, to seek all of its pleasures, even the forbidden, because they didn’t walk under the rules established by our Father. They lied and cheated to get ahead because this world is all they knew and cared about.

     They knew the truth and snubbed their nose at it. They won’t go through the Millennium.

     The other group are the dregs. They are the sediment of Creation, the residue after the good has been taken, the accumulation of sludge, slime. The souls that followed Satan in the world that was and follow him to this day. They are the ones that picked up on the satanic visions of Margaret Macdonald and brought the rapture theory into existence 184 years ago.

     They are people like Madalyn Murray O’Hair whose efforts led to the prohibition of prayer in school 52 years ago. They are the souls that continue to try to remove God from every aspect of public activities in this country.

     There has also been a drive to remove the words under God from the National Pledge of Allegiance but so far has failed. In a recent poll, 85% of the respondents would keep those words right where they are, only 8% wanted it removed so try as they might, we Christians still have the upper edge on some things. Not very many but a few, at least as far as our public rights are concerned.

     These souls are called atheists. They will not go through the Millennium; they will experience the second death, which is the death of the soul and they will walk into the Lake of Fire along with Satan and his 7000 fallen angels.

     Just to do a little summary, let’s list the various ages that our Father set up for us:

  •   First heaven/earth age. The world that was from 2nd Peter, chapter 3.

  •   The present heaven/earth age.

  •   The Millennium. The book of Ezekiel, chapters 40-48.

  •   The Eternal age. The book of Revelation, chapters 21 and 22. “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth”.

     We all went through the first; we’re all here in the second; some will go through the Millennium and some will spend eternity with the Godhead, the Triune because as St. John put it, the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit are one.    

     Alright, here we are, going to work, kids going to school, taking vacations and just living life as normal. And then the talking-heads on the news reports an astonishing piece of information:

     Someone that looks exactly like Jesus Christ is standing in the city of Jerusalem telling everyone that he is the true Messiah. And the whole world goes nuts! They just absolutely loose it.

     With the advent of technology and satellites the entire world will see it live and in your face at the same time. Not like 175 years ago when the telegraph was the fastest means of communication.

     Five months will go by and while most of the world will be basking in the glory of the return of the apparent Savior, the true Jesus Christ will place His feet on the Mount of Olives and there won’t be time for talking-heads to ponder, nor satellite communications to transmit the event. In that instant human life will be over and we’ll all be standing there in spiritual bodies.

     That will be a very special day because it will be:

  • The Lord’s Day.

  • The first day of the Millennium.

  • Our first day in spiritual bodies.

  • The end of human life.

  • Satan will be chained and placed into the bottomless pit.

     Although the Millennium will be a time for teaching and discipline, it will also be a time of grace and heaven will be shut during this period. With the removal of the Tempter, Satan, all negative religion will be gone and there will be more people saved during this time than throughout all of human existence.

     You’ll not have to ask your neighbor questions about the Scriptures because you will be familiar with all of them and how you acted and what you did in the age that was will be very clear in your mind, not obscured as it is today.

     We can only determine what life will be like during this time by reading the book of Ezekiel, chapters 40 through 48. These nine chapters are devoted to the Millennium and are the chapters with the most information on that period throughout the entire Bible.

     One of the most striking aspects of this age, the 1000 years, will be the Millennial Temple and every detail, including the measurements of all the buildings and rooms, are given there. This will be the third Temple but only two during our time in these flesh bodies. You may remember that both earlier Temples were constructed on the same foundation and this Temple of the Millennium will be the first in over 1900 years.

     Herod’s Temple was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans and some 620 years later the Dome of the Rock was built on that same foundation. Maybe because, historically, the Muslims always built a religious structure where the defeated foe’s religious structure was. Of the second Jewish Temple, only a part of a retaining wall remains unto this day and it’s called the Wailing Wall.

     Will this Temple of the Millennium be an actual, physical temple? I feel quite certain that it will be but that is just my opinion. Given the fact that we will be in spiritual bodies and there are several places throughout Scripture that indicates quite clearly that spiritual bodies have substance, similar to flesh and blood bodies….just a little bit different material for as Christ said: flesh and blood cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.

     Instances of angels looking exactly like we do can be found in many places in the Old Testament and in the New Testament it is stated to never turn a stranger away from your dinner table for you never know when you will be dining with an angel.

     What will happen to the Dome of the Rock? Christ told the Apostles as they walked through the streets of Jerusalem that when He returns there will not one rock be left unturned, meaning that He will remove all that offends. Will our Father set up the Millennial Temple on the same foundation on which the two previous Temples were built? I strongly feel that He will. Why wouldn’t He?

     Ezekiel is being given a look into the Millennium through a vision and in chapter 43 he sees a chariot of fire (the highly-polished bronze vehicle) coming towards him from the east gate of the Temple and he is quite taken aback because this is the exact chariot that he saw the Lord on when he was by the river Kebar earlier in this book.

     Our Lord, and His Throne, are carried on that chariot which in turn is carried by four Cherubims and if Ezekiel saw that chariot with his own eyes at one time and now he sees it a second time in this vision we can pretty much figure out that the Lord will travel around during the Millennium as well. Understand that there will be billions of souls on this earth at this time and I don’t believe that they will all fit within the limits of the city of Jerusalem!

     During the Millennial period, all the different ethnic nations will have their own kings and queens indicating, perhaps, that these different nations will live among themselves in one particular area. Certainly the twelve tribes will have their own land allotments at that time as well, just as they were given allotments in the Old Testament.

     There will be an area, a buffer zone would be one description, around the entire Temple. Not only will this be an area that those that did not overcome in this life cannot cross into, it will also be where God’s Election will live. Very close to the Temple and the presence of our Lord.

     Only the Elect will be allowed to come in close contact with the Lord. The clothing that they must wear while inside the Temple will be taken off when they come out, they cannot wear this clothing as they go among the people. They will minister to the Lord and won’t that be something! To be able to get so close that you probably could touch His garment!

     Even though we will be in our spiritual body we will still look just like we do now. Not only will we be able to recognize our loved ones, it will be permissible to come to them and give them correction and advice as they go through this period of discipline. That is, assuming that they did not overcome in this life and have to go through this teaching and discipline.

     However, the Elect will pay a price for doing so as they will not be allowed back inside the Temple for a period of seven days, long enough of a period to cleanse themselves. In the Old Testament this was the practice if one came into contact with a dead person.

     They would not be allowed back into the congregation of all the people for a period of seven days. If this same thought applies during the Millennium it will be because these people are spiritually dead, not physically dead. Their souls have not put on “deathlessness” and they are still liable to die, spiritually, because they may indeed choose to follow Satan during that five month period at the end of the 1000 years.

    When these 1000 years are over Satan will be released for a five month period to try to work his deception. I have no doubt that he will give it all he’s got because this is his last chance to steal souls away from the Father.

     By the way, I keep saying that the Millennium will last 1000 years but once life in these flesh bodies is through we are in a place where time does not mean what it used to mean. The sun and the moon will still go through their cycles which may give us a perception of what we knew time to be but as it is written, one day with the Lord is a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. Time doesn’t get complicated, time becomes more of a sensation rather than two hands on a clock.

     Something else that’s going to be different is that in this life it was our faith that showed our love towards the Father. The belief in something unseen with our eyes. And, of course, you cannot have faith without works…..let me see your works and I will see your faith, said St. Paul in the book of Romans. Faith without works and works without faith will bring you nothing. A big fat zero.

     Our works are the only thing that we can take with us into the Millennial age and works are what shows our Father that we’ve had a change of heart during this time because now there is no need for faith, we’ll be able to see Christ with our own eyes all the time, although at a distance. We’ll be able to see the Apostles and the Patriarchs.

     And after that final day, the Great White Throne Judgment will happen. A lot of folks are afraid of that day, it really scares the hell out of them. But we are only afraid of what we don’t understand, so understand this:

     Judgment Day will be a terrible day only for those that despised our Father and loved this world. If you had faith and works throughout this life you probably don’t have too much to worry about.

     Asking forgiveness of your sins is something else that’s very important. It was important enough for Jesus Christ to give His life so that you COULD have repentance. And two things come together here. If you happen to cross over into the next age with some sins still un-repented for, you should know that Christ also said that good works covers a multitude of sin.

     You cannot go your entire life without repentance because the accumulation of sin will be too great for works to erase but repenting from time to time, I mean, everybody screws up some times, just keep your soul current with our Father.

     Humble yourself, get down on your knees and truly repent for all your transgressions. You’ll be surprised what peace of mind you will have because your soul and spirit is aware of your condition of sin and it’s also aware of what needs to be done if you want to participate in good standing in the Eternity.

     Alright. The Judgment has happened; the souls that overcame and made it through unscathed are probably jumping up and down, moon-walking or however they want to express extreme happiness. Those that didn’t will not be very happy. They will be gathered together, along with Satan and the fallen angels, and they will walk into that Lake of Fire. And that lake will be sealed over forever.

     There is no such thing as an everlasting, burning hell, at least, not in my mind. How could anyone be happy in Eternity if you were aware of Grandma crying out in torment in hell? I don’t believe that it’s possible. As I wrote in my book, hell has to be an awareness of the soul, the knowledge of what it could have been and the certainty of what it will never be.

     And because our Father does everything in a natural way and St. Paul told us that the spiritual body will never get sick, have a broken bone, never get a cold; then how could it experience pain in hell? Somebody is not being truthful with us and I don’t believe that it’s the Father.

     As the Eternal age begins the entire surface of the earth will be revamped; it will return to the way it was in the age that was, back in the beginning. All water that we see now, the lakes, oceans, Gulf and so on, they won’t be here anymore; all that water will be put back into the firmament to protect our spiritual bodies just like it was in the beginning.

     The marvelous NEW city of Jerusalem will descend from Heaven and by the description given, it will be too wonderful for human minds to accept. And another wonderful part is that God says that He will take away all tears and heartache and pain. How could there possibly be an everlasting hell with wailing and gnashing of teeth? Impossible.

     Well, there you have it. A thumbnail look at what’s in store for us when life in these flesh and blood bodies is over, at least, this is my understanding of it all. Your understanding might be different and that’s ok. I’m not going to argue with anybody about it and it’s not a matter of who is right or wrong anyway, just read the last two chapters of Revelation. This comes from our Father and He is always right.

     If you have stayed with me up until now you certainly have the endurance of an Olympian and the patience of Job. I want to add something else that I think will give you peace of mind. It comes from the Apocrypha, the so-called historical books of the Jews that were not canonized as true Scripture.

     It’s written in the 2nd Book of Esdras and it tells about what happens to those that were overcomers and those who weren’t and what happens to them at the time of death, when we go into the spiritual bodies:

     “I will show you that also; but you must not associate with those who have scorn, or count yourself among those who are tortured. For you have a treasure of works laid up with the Most High, but it will not be shown to you until the last times. For about death, the teaching is:

     When the final sentence goes forth from the Most High that a man is to die, when the soul departs from the body to return again to Him that gave it, first of all it prays to the glory of the Most High; if it was one of those who scorned and did not observe the ways of the Most High, and of those who have despised His law, and of those who hate those who fear God, such spirits shall not enter dwellings but wander about thenceforth in torment, always grieving and sad, in seven ways:

     The first way is that they have scorned the Law of the Most High.

     The second way is that they can no longer make a good repentance, so that they may live.

     The third way is that they will see the reward destined for those who have believed the agreements of the Most High.

     The fourth way is that they will consider the torment destined for them in the last days.

     The fifth way is that they will see that the dwelling-places of the others are guarded by angels in profound silence (peace).

     The sixth way is that they will see that some of them will pass over to be tormented henceforth.

     The seventh way, which is worse than all the ways that have been mentioned, is that they will waste away in shame and be consumed in disgrace, and wither with fear, at seeing the glory of the Most High before whom they sinned while they lived, and before whom they are destined to be judged in the last times.

     But of those who have observed the ways of the Most High, this is the order, when they shall be separated from this fragile jar. In the time when they lived in it, they carefully served the Most High, though they were in danger every hour, so as to keep the Law of the Lawgiver perfectly. Therefore this is the teaching about them: First of all, they will see the glory of Him who takes them up, for they will rest in seven orders:

     The first order is that they have striven with much toil to conquer the wicked thought that was formed within them, so that it should not lead away from life to death.

     The second order is that they will see the labyrinth in which the souls of the ungodly wander, and the punishment that awaits them.

     The third order is that they see the testimony that He who formed them has borne to them, because when they were alive they faithfully observed the Law which was given them.

     The fourth order is that they understand the rest which they now enjoy, gathered in their chambers, in great quietness, watched over by angels, and the glory that awaits them in the last days.

     The fifth order is that they exult that they have now escaped what is corruptible and will possess the future as their inheritance, and besides perceive the narrowness and toilsomeness from which they have been freed and the spaciousness they are destined to receive and enjoy in immortality.

     The sixth order is that it is shown to them how their face is destined to shine like the sun, and how they are to be made like the light of the stars, and be incorruptible thenceforth.

     The seventh order, which is greater than all those that have been mentioned, is that they will boldly, and that they will trust confidently, and rejoice fearlessly, for they hasten to see the face of Him whom they have served in life, and from whom they are to receive their reward when they are glorified.

     These are the orders of the souls of the upright, as henceforth proclaimed, and the above ways of torture are those which those who would not give heed will henceforth suffer.

     How special is that information.

     This reads much like a legal document and why not? Any covenant that our Father makes with us carries the same security of truth and faithfulness from Him.

     Religion is a sham, it’s a cop-out. And the house that it’s practiced in is a house of nothing. It should be a place of refuge, a place of rest from living in the world. A place where we continue to get closer and closer to God by devoted study of His Word.

    But Satan has turned it into a place where you are fed some of the worst lies known to mankind. These lies will take you from the safety and sanctity of being close to our Father to walking side by side with Satan/Antichrist on his way to the Lake of Fire.

     And if you look at him as you walk, you’ll see a smirk on his face and satisfaction in his eyes. He conquered you in spite of your good intentions and he used the good preacher to help him do it.

     There’s only one pastor that I’ve ever met that I truly believe cared about the condition of the souls that studied with him. Praise God, he’s with the Father right now.

     What part of Paradise are you going to be on? There’s not much to figure out except when you’re going to make that decision to begin preparing your soul for the life in the Eternity.

     Sure, we’re all humans and it’s tough to stay on course with so many earthly distractions but if it was easy, wouldn’t we all end up in Heaven?

     Nope, things have to be sorted out and our Father does the sorting.


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