The Book of Daniel

Chapter 4 __Dream of the Great Tree

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     Nebuchadnezzar writes most of this chapter. Very quickly, you must remember that this king turns out to be a servant of our Father, as we find in Jeremiah 27:6..

     Ref: Jeremiah 27:6 And now have I given all these lands unto the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant; and the beasts of the field have I given him also to serve him. KJV

     So far we’ve seen Daniel and his three companions, chosen by the hand of our Father, go through a three-year period of schooling under the kings’ tutors; then Daniel explained the dream of the statue, which represented four world powers and the ultimate fall of men’s dynasties and the bringing in of our Father’s kingdom and then, in the last chapter, we found the three companions put into a furnace for not worshiping a 95’ tall pagan statue out in the middle of the desert.

     Daniel is about fifty-nine years old at this time and let’s see what our Father has in store for us in this chapter.

     Daniel 4:1 Nebuchadnezzar the king, unto all people, nations, and languages, that dwell in all the earth; Peace be multiplied unto you.

     We’re going to get a proclamation from the king here.

     Daniel 4:2 I thought it good to shew the signs and wonders that the high God hath wrought toward me.

     At this point, Nebuchadnezzar still has good thoughts about the Father.  Notice the capitol G on the word God.   

     Daniel 4:3 How great are his signs! and how mighty are his wonders! his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and his dominion is from generation to generation.

     Apparently the three children walking out of the furnace unharmed made a pretty good impression on ‘ole Neb. You should notice the word everlasting in that verse because it will be the focal point of this chapter. 

     Daniel 4:4 I Nebuchadnezzar was at rest in mine house, and flourishing in my palace:

     Taking it easy, just laid back.

     Daniel 4:5 I saw a dream which made me afraid, and the thoughts upon my bed and the visions of my head troubled me.

     He couldn’t understand it and it scared him.

     Daniel 4:6 Therefore made I a decree to bring in all the wise men of Babylon before me, that they might make known unto me the interpretation of the dream.

     Whoops! Maybe we spoke too soon. The king has another dream and who does he bring in? Our Father? Nope. His wise ‘ole boys again. Going to give them another chance, I guess. At least he could remember this dream.

     Daniel 4:7 Then came in the magicians, the astrologers, the Chaldeans, and the soothsayers: and I told the dream before them; but they did not make known unto me the interpretation thereof.

     Here they come again. Do you think that maybe these boys might be walking on eggshells this time? They had to know in their hearts that they would not be able to interpret this dream either.

     They’re probably thinking to themselves:

     “Why didn’t the king just bring Daniel in again? He did pretty good with the last dream.”

     Daniel 4:8 But at the last Daniel came in before me, whose name was Belteshazzar, according to the name of my god, and in whom is the spirit of the holy gods: and before him I told the dream, saying,

     Finally, he thought about Daniel. Did you notice the small g on the word god? He’s still not giving credit to our Father, he’s right back to depending on Baal for the answers.

     Take a lesson here: don’t depend on man, depend on your Father.

     Daniel 4:9 O Belteshazzar, master of the magicians, because I know that the spirit of the holy gods is in thee, and no secret troubleth thee, tell me the visions of my dream that I have seen, and the interpretation thereof.

     Belteshazzar is the Babylonian name they gave to Daniel, remember? Nebuchadnezzar is type of king of Babylon. Which, in these end times, represents Satan.

     Daniel 4:10 Thus were the visions of mine head in my bed; I saw, and behold a tree in the midst of the earth, and the height thereof was great.

     The king begins to explain his dream to Daniel.

     Daniel 4:11 The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of all the earth:

     End of all the earth. Talking about the end of this era, this dispensation, this earth age. The time that we are now living in.

     Father has used trees in the past to represent things so that we can better understand what He says. Both trees in the Garden, for instance. The Tree of Life and the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

     Daniel 4:12 The leaves thereof were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all: the beasts of the field had shadow under it, and the fowls of the heaven dwelt in the boughs thereof, and all flesh was fed of it.

     In the end times this would be symbolic of Satan and we can see that by going to Ezekiel 31. Satan always wanted to be a great cedar tree of Lebanon, as our Father was referred to many times. But it turns out that he was only a small box cedar tree, a scrub tree.

     Ref: Ezekiel 31:3 Behold, the Assyrian was a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches, and with a shadowing shroud, and of an high stature; and his top was among the thick boughs. KJV

     The Assyrian, another name for Satan.

     Ref: Ezekiel 31:4 The waters made him great, the deep set him up on high with her rivers running round about his plants, and sent out her little rivers unto all the trees of the field.

     Everybody fed from him. Sound familiar?

     Ref: Ezekiel 31:5 Therefore his height was exalted above all the trees of the field, and his boughs were multiplied, and his branches became long because of the multitude of waters, when he shot forth.

     Ref: Ezekiel 31:6 All the fowls of heaven made their nests in his boughs, and under his branches did all the beasts of the field bring forth their young, and under his shadow dwelt all great nations.

     How subtle and tricky he is.

     Ref: Ezekiel 31:7 Thus was he fair in his greatness, in the length of his branches: for his root was by great waters.

     Ref: Ezekiel 31:8 The cedars in the garden of God could not hide him: the fir trees were not like his boughs, and the chestnut trees were not like his branches; nor any tree in the garden of God was like unto him in his beauty.

     God made him the full pattern, remember?

     Ref: Ezekiel 31:9 I have made him fair by the multitude of his branches: so that all the trees of Eden, that were in the garden of God, envied him.

     Boy, did Eve envy him.

     Ref: Ezekiel 31:10 Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Because thou hast lifted up thyself in height, and he hath shot up his top among the thick boughs, and his heart is lifted up in his height;

     Ref: Ezekiel 31:11 I have therefore delivered him into the hand of the mighty one of the heathen; he shall surely deal with him: I have driven him out for his wickedness.

     This particular tree that Neb is dreaming of was foretold long ago. It was the same tree that was in the Garden of Eden, it was the same tree of good and evil and it was his evilness or his wickedness that caused God to drive him out.

     Maybe that will help a little bit in understanding this dream that Neb had.

     Daniel 4:13 I saw in the visions of my head upon my bed, and, behold, a watcher and an holy one came down from heaven;

     Wow! These are not two separate entities…watcher AND a holy one… but two descriptions of just ONE angel, because that’s what watchers are, they’re angels. Sent by our Father Himself to do a particular duty for Him.

     This is a holy angel, compared to an evil angel. Are there evil angels in heaven today? I don’t think so. The evil angels of Genesis 6, those 7000 angels that left heaven, that dimension, are being held in a place called Tartarus, right now.

     And we read of them in Jude 6 and in 2nd Peter 2:4. The word Tartarus is not in the King James but if you look up the word hell in 2nd Peter, you will find the true meaning:

     Ref: 2nd Peter 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; KJV

      Hell_NT:5020 tartaroo (tar-tar-o'-o); from Tartaros (the deepest abyss of Hades); to incarcerate in eternal torment: KJV - cast down to hell.

     And Jude 6:

     Ref: Jude 6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. KJV

     They decided NOT to come into this world in an earthly body, as was our Father’s Plan, but came here in their splendid spiritual bodies, of their own decision. And, of course, they produced hybrids and the reason for the flood of Noah’s time. Still, some made it through that flood.

     Click on icon to auto-download chapter 12 and you can read it at your leisure. It will download as                          on your computer.

     Daniel 4:14 He cried aloud, and said thus, Hew down the tree, and cut off his branches, shake off his leaves, and scatter his fruit: let the beasts get away from under it, and the fowls from his branches:

     There’s a time coming when he’s going to be cut off.

     Daniel 4:15 Nevertheless leave the stump of his roots in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts in the grass of the earth:

      Your mind should go to Revelation 20:1, where Satan is cast into the abyss and a band, a chain, is placed upon him and even his evil spirit is banded and held in the abyss until a short season at the end of the Millennium.

     Ref: Revelation 20:1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. KJV

     This kingdom of Babylon, spiritually, will not be completely destroyed and the band of iron and brass attests to that. This band, in reality, is to keep the stump from splitting from the summer sun and heat and being totally destroyed.

     Which means that the kingdom ITSELF will not be completely destroyed. It will be watered by the dew from heaven to give it moisture to live until another time.

     Again, this points to the kingdom that Satan will try to set up.

     Daniel 4:16 Let his heart be changed from man's, and let a beast's heart be given unto him; and let seven times pass over him.

     We have been given a sign from our Father, in this generation, and it concerns this Babylon and Saddam Hussein. Saddam saw himself as the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, and had a mountain built on which he built a palace, from which he could look out over his kingdom of Iraq, much as Nebuchadnezzar did.

     And when we sent in troops to capture Saddam, Operation Red Dawn in December 2003, he went into hiding in a hole, a basement of sorts, and he stayed there for several months. When we finally dragged him out he looked like an animal. His hair was long and shaggy, as were his fingernails, which resembled claws, and he was filthy throughout.

     Very similar to Nebuchadnezzar when Father changed his heart and made him graze like an animal.

     This was an end time sign given to us by our Father. It was a glaring, in-your-face sign and sadly, I think that most of the world, passed right over it. Certainly, the media would never point that out to us.

     Daniel 4:17 This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

     By the decree of the watchers. Father places angelic beings over some kingdoms of the earth, as seen here. We’re also told that the archangel Michael is to watch over Israel, he will be their prince, and we’ll read of that in the 10th and 12th chapters of this book of Daniel.

     We also see an instance of angels watching over Elisha and his sword bearer:

     Ref: 2nd Kings 6:17 And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha. KJV

     There is so much activity around us, in the world of the unseen, in the dimension that we are not allowed to see, that it would not only take our breath away but maybe change the way that we live and think.

     And that is something that our Father does not want to do to us. Too much information, from Him, may influence the decision-making processes in our mind and unjustly sway us from one side to the other. We don’t remember what happened in the age that was and for a good reason.

     Those things that we did back then cannot be allowed to influence our decision as to whether we will follow our Father or Satan in this life. But, every once in a while, when He sees fit, he will part that curtain and allow us to see inside, but only for an instant.

     If you have good intuition, or spiritual intuition, you may have had a peek a time or two, giving you a feeling that you have been in a certain place or done a certain act. But it won’t happen often. Perhaps He does it more often to those that He can trust because of what we DID DO back in that period.

     We pay more attention to what the evil spirits are doing around us than the good spirits.

     Back to verse 17, Father can take the smallest of us, the least important, and make us rulers over entire provinces, if He so chooses and if it meets with His overall Plan.

     Even if that doesn’t happen to us, on that large a scale, He can still work in our daily life when He wants to. What we have to do is have the ability to recognize it when it does happen. It’s called discernment. And it’s a gift to be able to do that.

     Can you see His signs?

     Alright, verse 18..

     Daniel 4:18 This dream I king Nebuchadnezzar have seen. Now thou, O Belteshazzar, declare the interpretation thereof, forasmuch as all the wise men of my kingdom are not able to make known unto me the interpretation: but thou art able; for the spirit of the holy gods is in thee.

     Nebuchadnezzar knows, without a doubt, that Daniel can interpret his dream but he still clings on to his pagan gods, as he uses the word gods, in the plural, and not the singular, of our Father. He does not recognize the God of Israel, as yet.

     Daniel 4:19 Then Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, was astonied for one hour, and his thoughts troubled him. The king spake, and said, Belteshazzar, let not the dream, or the interpretation thereof, trouble thee. Belteshazzar answered and said, My lord, the dream be to them that hate thee, and the interpretation thereof to thine enemies.

     As Daniel began to understand this dream he was astonied, that is, he was terrified at what he was learning, and of course, he was troubled by that because it would not be good news for Nebuchadnezzar and it was not a good thing to give bad news to the person who could have you killed.

     Much like killing the messenger for delivering bad news. Something one might do if the news was particularly troubling to them. But the king reassures Daniel that all will be fine if he just interprets all of it as he sees it, or as it is being revealed to him by our Father.

     This word hour, sha`ah, literally means for a moment. Not an hour.

     Daniel 4:20 The tree that thou sawest, which grew, and was strong, whose height reached unto the heaven, and the sight thereof to all the earth;

     The whole world could see this tree and that let’s us know that it’s not a tree but the kingdom of ‘ole Neb.

     Daniel 4:21 Whose leaves were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all; under which the beasts of the field dwelt, and upon whose branches the fowls of the heaven had their habitation:

     If we take this to the kingdom that Satan will setup, it will be that he will take away all worries during his tribulation. He will make everyone feel content and safe and that’s what this verse is indicating. There was enough for all to eat, everyone had a place to live or stay and it appeared to be a good life.

     Too many think that Satan is coming in with war and destruction on his mind but what are his intentions? To take as many souls away from our Father as he can. He knows that he is going to perish, to die an eternal death, and he wants as many of those that love and honor our Father to perish with him.

     And he cannot do that if he has everyone tattooed with sixes on their heads or he comes in killing humans by the thousands.

     Daniel 4:22 It is thou, O king, that art grown and become strong: for thy greatness is grown, and reacheth unto heaven, and thy dominion to the end of the earth.

     Nebuchadnezzar finds out that HE is the tree in this dream.

     Daniel 4:23 And whereas the king saw a watcher and an holy one coming down from heaven, and saying, Hew the tree down, and destroy it; yet leave the stump of the roots thereof in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts of the field, till seven times pass over him;

     Daniel 4:24 This is the interpretation, O king, and this is the decree of the most High, which is come upon my lord the king:

     The decree of the most High. This is spoken by Daniel; in verse 17 Nebuchadnezzar said it as thus: the decree of the watchers.

     Neb said it as the angels, Daniel said it as our Father.

     Daniel 4:25 That they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field, and they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and they shall wet thee with the dew of heaven, and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.

     Shall make thee to eat grass as oxen.  Lycanthropy is what some scholars think is happening here.

     Here is the technical definition:

     “Clinical lycanthropy is defined as a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can transform into, has transformed into, or is a non-human animal.”

     Another suggested definition for this condition is hypochondriacal madness but it really doesn’t fit. We refer to this condition today as a person being a hypochondriac, imagining health issues that don’t exist.

     Whatever man wants to call it, our Father put him in this condition. The answer as to why Father would do that is given in the same verse:

     Till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.

     Father is in control. He gives and He takes away. He puts in office, He takes out of office. He also used the Babylonians to put His children into bondage as well.

     Don’t forget that this king of Babylon is a type of the king of Babylon in these end times and that reinforces our belief that He can do anything, including protecting His own from Satan/Antichrist when he is released for that five-month period.

     Father arranged this many years ago to show us today that we should fear nothing as long as we are in HIS shadow.

     Daniel 4:26 And whereas they commanded to leave the stump of the tree roots; thy kingdom shall be sure unto thee, after that thou shalt have known that the heavens do rule.

     Father’s goal was to humble this king, not harden his heart. The word heavens is plural, indicating that this earthly kingdom is organized and having many factions, that His heavenly kingdom ALSO has many factions or orders of angels who perform His heavenly duties.

     Ephesians brings this out as thus:

     Ref: Ephesians 1:20 Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,

     Ref: Ephesians 1:21 Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come: KJV

     Father rules and Nebuchadnezzar is His servant. Do you recognize that the heavens rule?

     Daniel 4:27 Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by righteousness, and thine iniquities by shewing mercy to the poor; if it may be a lengthening of thy tranquillity.

     Tranquility means safety.

     Daniel 4:28 All this came upon the king Nebuchadnezzar.

     But it came as a sign to you and I.

     Daniel 4:29 At the end of twelve months he walked in the palace of the kingdom of Babylon.

     One year later.

     Daniel 4:30 The king spake, and said, Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honour of my majesty?

     One year later, probably having forgotten the dream by then, he boasts of all that he has created by his own power.

     Daniel 4:31 While the word was in the king's mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, saying, O king Nebuchadnezzar, to thee it is spoken; The kingdom is departed from thee.

     Down here in the South we would say: Father done took it all away.

     Daniel 4:32 And they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field: they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and seven times shall pass over thee, until thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.

     Seven years will pass by before anything changes.

     Daniel 4:33 The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar: and he was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till his hairs were grown like eagles' feathers, and his nails like birds' claws.

     Do you remember seeing the photos of Saddam Hussein when he was pulled out of the spider hole? His hair was long and filthy and his fingernails were like claws.


     Daniel 4:34 And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom is from generation to generation:

     Nebuchadnezzar finally got the message. As with this man, everything that we have comes from our Father and I’m not talking about the new car or boat, not talking about earthly things, although, with His blessings these things can come to us but we have to use good judgment, but maybe it was He who opened the door that got you that job that pays so well to where you can afford to buy that new car or boat.

     Daniel 4:35 And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou?

     This is the king of Babylon saying this, he has seen the light, he has experienced that conversion.

     Daniel 4:36 At the same time my reason returned unto me; and for the glory of my kingdom, mine honour and brightness returned unto me; and my counsellors and my lords sought unto me; and I was established in my kingdom, and excellent majesty was added unto me.

     That stump that had the band around it began to flourish again and his kingdom was back in his hands and prosperous once more. Finally, he is pleasing to our Father.

     How often do you please Him? It doesn’t take all that much. Putting your soul in good shape really pleases Him so kneel down now and then and repent of the sins that may have accumulated.

     Find a different church to go to if yours teaches the rapture theory, the any-moment and fly-away doctrines. Show Him that you WANT to learn about Him and DO what pleases Him.

     The minute that you take control of your soul and remove it from the grasp of Satan and his dominions, the blessings will begin to come your way. He will love you for that.

     Daniel 4:37 Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase. KJV

     And those that walk in pride he is able to abase. Pride was Satan’s downfall. Father told him that he was the most beautiful of all His creation and He must have had a purpose for doing that. Being one of the two cherubim that sat on each end of the Mercy Seat must have been a great privilege, with Father sitting in-between those two angels.

     But then Satan got the idea to sit on that Throne himself and he fell into the pit from that point on. During that war in heaven fully one-third of all souls followed him and we’re not talking about just a few souls, we’re talking BILLIONS of souls because, by my best guess, there were maybe 14-15 BILLION souls created at that moment when Father wanted someone to share His love with. A third of these souls would be about 5 billion.

     And it’s also my belief that Father has waited until almost the end to begin placing the majority of these bad souls into human embryos, which is why we have so much depravity, murder, terrorism and the like in these end days.

     Any one with as many gray hairs as I have will remember that, as children, say 10-12 years old, there was never violence and murder and depravity, on a daily basis, as what we’re experiencing today. My goodness, Ricky and Lucy couldn’t even be filmed in the SAME BED, much less embracing and kissing one another there.

     In chapter 5 we know that old Neb is gone but his son will be taking over and he will be the last king of that family because the Medes and Persians will take over.


___26 March 2017___