Ezekiel lived along the banks of the River Chebar with a group of other exiles during the Babylonian captivity.

     He was married, had a house and was well respected among his people.

     He prophesied for approximately 21-22 years before being murdered in 
Babylon. King Jehoiachin is said to have buried him in a tomb along the banks of the Euphrates River, a few days journey from Bagdad, Iraq.

     The last nine chapters of his book contains more information on the Millennium age than anywhere else in the Bible.

Chapter 1

The First Vision

Chapter 2

Mission of Ezekiel

Chapter 3

Mission of Ezekiel

Chapter  4


Chapter  5


Chapter 6

The Mountains

Chapter 7

The Mountains

Chapter 8

Beginning of Vision

Chapter 9

The Punishments

Chapter 10

The Cherubim

Chapter 11

Sins & Punishments

Chapter 12


Chapter 13


Chapter  14


Chapter 15


Chapter  16


Chapter 17


Chapter 18


Chapter 19

The Prince of Israel

Chapter 20

Rebellion & Cause

Chapter  20A

Rebellion & Cause

Chapter 21

The Land & The City

Chapter  22

The City Defiled

Chapter 23

The Two Sisters

Chapter  24

The Babylonian War

Chapter 25

Ammonites & Nations

Chapter  26

Tyre & Zidon

Chapter 27

Lamentation of Tyre

Chapter 28

The Prince of Tyre

Chapter  29


Chapter 30

Egypt & Her Allies

Chapter  31


Chapter  32


Chapter 33


Chapter 34

Shepherds & Flock

Chapter  35

Judgment on Enemies

Chapter  36

Restoration. Literal

Chapter 37

Ammonites & Nations

Chapter  38

Judgment on Enemies

Chapter  39

Judgment on Enemies

Chapter  40

The House

Chapter 41

The Inner House

Chapter  42

The Priest's Rooms

Chapter 43

The Altar & It's Ordinances

Chapter 44

The House & Ordinances

Chapter 45

Restoration, The Land

Chapter  46


Chapter  47

The Healing of the Land

Chapter  48

The Tribes