Have a Blessed Day


     If you’re looking for kind words and cool water on this website today, you’re going to be disappointed. Darn near every main-stream church in America will give that to you each and every Sunday morning, in abundance, and I believe that most of it is just lip service.


     “Have a blessed day.”


     That cliché really irritates me. Am I going to have a good day, in the Lord, just because you told me to? Am I supposed to think that you’re a great Christian because you used the word “blessed”? Well, how about this…


     “Have a nice trip to hell.”


     I like that one because it comes from the heart. You can kind of look at some people and know that they are NOT on the right path and you KNOW that they’re not going to change anytime soon, so rather than give them false hope by saying…have a blessed day.... just tell them straight out…..have a nice trip to hell.

     You don't need to precede those words with anything. Just thank them, shake their hand, and tell them to... have a nice trip to hell.


     Relax. We're not judging people, we're observing.


     Some might say that that is not very Christian-like. And my answer would be that I’ve watched a lot of Christians in my life and I’ve observed how they live, in comparison to how they SAY they live, and they make a mockery of the word Christian. There’s nothing Christian about them.


     In fact, it’s probably these people that will tell you to….


     “Have a blessed day.”


     I think some of them would like to add a couple of words at the end of that phrase, which has to do with mom and the act of reproduction. Just observing…..


     They’ll probably come back with….”did you just tell me to go to hell?”


     No, we’re pretty sure that you’re going to hell, we just wanted you to have a nice trip while getting there.


     Something else that irritates me are these Hollywood types that think they can influence our lives because they endorse some product or some Liberal outlook. Somehow, we’re supposed to look up to them because they can memorize a script, repeat it back.  It's written by someone else, concerning people that never existed. Probably.


     They too, can probably not resist telling you to….


     “Have a blessed day.”


     Take Morgan Freeman, for instance. He did a series with Nat Geo called The Story of God. Here’s what the National Catholic Reporter had to say about him and the series….


     "National Geographic’s beautiful and intelligent filmic pilgrimage about God is narrated by an actor who comes with solid credentials: Morgan Freeman played God in two feature films directed by Tom Shadyac: “Bruce Almighty” (2003) and “Evan Almighty” (2007)."


     They think Mr. Freeman comes with solid credentials because he played God in a couple of movies, so obviously, he is the first choice to narrate a feature on God. Is that the criteria we go by these days? He played God in a movie, so that makes him an authority on God? It makes what he says more believable?


     The episode last night concerned the Apocalypse and I won’t bore you by talking about the entire hour, I’ll just focus on the interview with a lady in Rome who’s giving her highly educated opinion on who the Antichrist is or will be.


     It’s the Roman Emperor Nero.


     Once again, he raises his curly-locked head from the dusty past.


     And, as this woman explains to Mr. Freeman, why and how she came up with this wonderful deduction, he stands there, all smiles and nodding his head in agreement.


      I want to say something here that may shock a lot of you….the Antichrist is supposed to come during the tribulation period before the return of Christ. In the end time. A phrase that Mr. Freeman kept repeating to those he is interviewing, over and over again. Does he think they have forgotten the subject?




     Is he going to be resurrected for this last important job? Not in this lifetime. And why Nero? It has to do with the number of the beast from Revelation, which is 666.


     I’m going to pull up an excerpt from my book, Time, Truth, & Wisdom, the chapter titled The Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast, as it explained it quite well and I’m too lazy to do the research all over again this morning.


     "In ancient times it was common among a lot of people to make a very intense study of numbers and their relationship to languages, as they believed that this would open up a pathway for revealing secret messages within the Scriptures.


     Gematria is a system by which each letter of the alphabet would have a corresponding number assigned to it and the numbers would be added together to produce a value that was to have a meaning of some significance.


     Many so-called scholars thought that the number 666 refers to the Roman emperor Nero whose name can be valued at this number through the use of numerology. It was supposed to be a way of speaking against Nero without the authorities knowing about it and you getting yourself into trouble for doing so and finding yourself upside-down on a cross some afternoon.


     In other words, you could say bad things or write bad things about Nero and substitute the numbers 666 for his name and you might escape being put to death.


     Others believed that the number of the beast should be 616 because they assign it to the Emperor Caligula. Apparently, some believed that Caligula was the beast, but the numbers didn’t add up correctly to produce the required number through numerology so even if the book of Revelation says that the number is 666 and Caligula’s number calculates to be 616, they simply ignored the Original Manuscripts to make their numbers correspond to their current beliefs."


     So, we’re supposed to be able to figure out whom the Antichrist is by adding numbers together? Why not read and understand the Scriptures? Father told us quite clearly who this Antichrist will be.


     My point is that after thousands or maybe millions of people, who adore Morgan Freeman, watch this program, how many of them will believe that Nero is the Antichrist, just because their Hollywood idol says that it is? Probably a lot.


     In today's age of computers and high-technology, how can it be that so many people still cling to the established lies of centuries ago? Because something new scares them to death, probably, and many don’t know or realize that it may be the spiritual death of their own soul and they should be scared.


     The fact is that I like Morgan Freeman, as an actor. I like Tom Cruise, as an actor, even though I disagree with his choice of religion, which is Scientology. They are both great actors, but they need to stick to their job, which is entertaining us with a good movie.


     Perhaps Mr. Freeman didn’t agree with this woman’s conclusions, but he also didn’t try to challenge them either.


     Well, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, maybe I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.


     Have a blessed d………..!


     Well, shut my mouth.