Isaiah 34:1 Come near, ye nations, to hear; and hearken, ye people: let the earth hear, and all that is therein; the world, and all things that come forth of it.

     You need to get the gravity of what has been said in that verse. Picture, in your mind, the International Space Station orbiting around the earth, and imagine a huge speaker mounted to it and pointed towards the earth. And our Father picks up a microphone and speaks into it and it’s so loud and strong that everyone on this earth can hear it, all at the same time.

     THAT is the strength of what our Father is trying to tell us in that verse. He wants the attention of every human being and He wants them all to hear what He is going to say.

     Everybody and everything on this planet needs to hear what He’s fix’in to say, so LISTEN UP.

     Do you understand that our Father is ticked off?

     Isaiah 34:2 For the indignation of the Lord is upon all nations, and his fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter.

     Let’s take a closer look at that word indignation:

       Indignation--OT:7110 qetseph (keh'-tsef); from OT:7107; a splinter (as chipped off); figuratively, rage or strife:

     He’s not just unhappy, He’s raging inside and it’s about to burst out.

     The execution of this anger will happen at the seventh trump when that seventh angel blows that particular trumpet, the sounding of the action will begin and, of course, this will happen on the Lord’s Day, the day that He returns to us. The final two wars will happen, Armageddon and Hamon-Gog, and the first day of the Millennium will begin as well.

     Ref:  Revelation 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. KJV

     Verse 3.

     Isaiah 34:3 Their slain also shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcases, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood.

     This probably sounds a little gross to you but it expresses our Father’s feelings. Remember, we will all be changed from these earthly bodies to our spiritual bodies at this time as well. It’s another dimension; quite the reason that we cannot look upon the Father because He, right now, is in that other dimension.

     And I’ve mentioned this before but there were times when He would part that curtain for just a moment and allow us to see inside as He did with Elisha’s armor-bearer, when he saw the thousands and thousands of angels and their chariots, ready to do battle if our Father wanted them to do so.

     We also read of this back in chapter 14 of this book of Isaiah:

     Ref:  Isaiah 14:19 But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet. KJV

     Very descriptive and down to earth.

     And the mountains shall be melted with their blood. Figuratively speaking, it will be as though a torrent of blood will wash down the mountain side and erode away the dirt. This is not an actual event.

     Isaiah 34:4 And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.

     And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved: the book of Psalms talks about this.

     Ref:  Psalms 102:26 They shall perish, but thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed: KJV

     There are other places where this is talked about:

     Ref:  2nd Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

     Ref:  2nd Peter 3:11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, KJV

     When does this happen? In Revelation 6:13:

     Ref:  Revelation 6:13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. KJV

     This is happening at the sixth trump, when Satan is cast out onto this earth. There is also the execution of the sixth vial and the sixth seal at the same time.

     Did you catch that? Did you catch the three 6’s in the 6th vial, the 6th seal and the 6th trump? Satan’s number: 666.

     Ref:  Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. KJV

     Father is saying that He’s not only going to roll up earth but heaven as well and He’s going to do some shaking. He’s going to do some sorting out, some separating. Where will you be when He’s done with that?

     You don’t have to worry if you love Him and follow Him today. He’ll take care of you and the rest in good order. Why go through this life with doubt in your mind? You have to know that when you leave that church on Sunday morning that there had to be more to the Scriptures than what they talked about.

     Is your mind and soul still hungry for something more? Or have you done your religious duty and now it’s off to drink Mai Tai's for the rest of the afternoon and relax?

     It’s going to happen, no matter how you look at it. It’s been written and so shall it be done. He’s not going to change His mind or His divine plan so it’s up to you. How do you want to handle it?

     “Well, I’ll just put it off for another day and see what happens.”

     When that day does happen it will be too late for you. You will succumb to the lies of Satan/Antichrist. The time to prepare for that day is TODAY.

     Isaiah 34:5 For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold, it shall come down upon Idumea, and upon the people of my curse, to judgment.

     Idumea is the place of Edom, which is ‘rush, (pronounced “rooosh”) which is Esau, which is Russia.

     What happened in Russia? It’s a communist country and its government tried to force God out of it but many people still held on to the truth. Some even went so far as to go to a pond in mid-winter, chop a hole in the ice, just to have water with which to be baptized.

       Idumea--OT:123 'Edom (ed-ome'); or (fully) 'Edowm (ed-ome'); from OT:122; red [see Genesis 25:25]; Edom, the elder twin-brother of Jacob; hence the region (Idumaea) occupied by him:

     The twin-brother of Jacob, of course, is Esau. Let’s read Genesis 25:25

     Ref:  Genesis 25:25 And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau. KJV

       Root Word-- OT:122 'adom (aw-dome'); from OT:119; rosy:

       Root Word-- OT:119 'adam (aw-dam'); to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy:

     Esau and his offspring settled in the area that is now known as Russia. He is written of in Ezekiel, chapter 38 as the chief prince of ‘rush, the Hebrew word being ro’sh.

     Ref:  Ezekiel 38:2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him, KJV

     Isaiah 34:6 The sword of the Lord is filled with blood, it is made fat with fatness, and with the blood of lambs and goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams: for the Lord hath a sacrifice in Bozrah, and a great slaughter in the land of Idumea.

     The image of a sacrifice continues.

       Bozrah—A place in Idumea.

     We’re talking about Hamon-Gog here.

     Isaiah 34:7 And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness.

     Unicorn--OT:7214 re'em (reh-ame'); or re'eym (reh-ame'); or reym (rame); or rem (rame); from OT:7213; a wild bull (from its conspicuousness):

     Commonly called a wild ox.

     Shall come down – actually they will fall down slain.

     With them - the less powerful Edomites

     The bullocks with the bulls - the young and old Edomites of all classes.

     Their dust – or more properly, the ground.

     We’re reading a lot about animals and not people here and why is that? The people have been changed and are now in spiritual bodies, another dimension.

     Again, I mention Elisha and his armor-bearer, seeing into that dimension, the sky filled with thousands of angels and chariots. No need to worry, Father is in control. Two people can slay a thousand if our Father wants that to happen.

     Your arm may get weary from slashing and stabbing but the victory will be yours.

     Isaiah 34:8 For it is the day of the Lord's vengeance, and the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion.

     For it is the day of the Lord's vengeance. And it is THE day in which the change will happen. Man, that is sure going to be a busy day. Can you see it? Can you somehow imagine these things happening and not one hair on your head will be moved out of place.

     All of this going on around you…and I’m sure that our Father will make sure that you are not overcome with anxiety during this time. Keeping you calm and placid throughout. After all, you showed your true self and love for Him in this life, why would He allow you to sweat and be fearful? Doesn’t make sense that it would happen that way.

     Remember when Christ went into the synagogue and picked up the book and began to read from this book, Isaiah, chapter 31 and when He read that this is the day of salvation, He stopped short when reading the day of vengeance? Why?

     Because He said that today, this day, has come to pass:

     Ref: Luke 4:16 And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read.

      Ref:  Luke 4:17 And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written,

     Esaias is the Greek word for Isaiah.

     Ref: Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

     Ref:  Luke 4:19 To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

     Ref: Luke 4:20 And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him.

     Ref: Luke 4:21 And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. KJV

     The day of vengeance had not, so He stopped short but THIS is that day of vengeance, this is that day when our Father has had more than He can stand and His anger, as written in verse 1, spews forth and He begins to shake things up a bit.

     So, let’s do a little summing up here:

              All souls that He created for His pleasure, at the beginning, have come into this world and been born of an earthly body. There is none left in heaven.

               All of these souls have had the opportunity to make his or her mind up as to whom they would follow in this life of theirs, to follow our Lord or to follow Satan.

            †   And it’s time for those that, maybe never had a chance to learn, to participate in the Millennium and learn the truth of His Word WITHOUT all the lies of other human beings. After all, everybody is in their spiritual body at this time, Satan is locked away in the pit for the length of the 1000 years, the 7000 fallen angels are held in Tartarus, and there is nothing to impede one from learning and understanding the truth.

     What is almost unbelievable to me is that after those 1000 years, Satan will be released for another period of five months, to test those that had just been taught, and there will be some that will STILL FOLLOW SATAN.

     After seeing our Lord, after seeing Him with their very own eyes, albeit from a distance because they were still unclean souls, they will still choose Satan over Him.

     What power does he possess? What could he possibly offer that would be more enticing than eternal bliss with our Father? It's just mind-boggling.

     When the truth of it finally comes out it will probably come down to pure hatred of our Father and all He encompasses.

     The day of vengeance is a good day. It gets rid of everything and every soul that offends the righteousness of Almighty God. They will not be a part of eternity and thank our Father for that.

     Isaiah 34:9 And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch, and the dust thereof into brimstone, and the land thereof shall become burning pitch.

     This should bring images of Sodom and Gomorrah to your mind:

     Ref:  Deuteronomy 29:23 And that the whole land thereof is brimstone, and salt, and burning, that it is not sown, nor beareth, nor any grass groweth therein, like the overthrow of Sodom, and Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim, which the Lord overthrew in his anger, and in his wrath: KJV

     Man, that verse fits like a soft leather glove.

     Isaiah 34:10 It shall not be quenched night nor day; the smoke thereof shall go up for ever: from generation to generation it shall lie waste; none shall pass through it for ever and ever.

     It’s a Hebraism to say that something is turned to ash forever and ever. It’s not an actual happening but it conveys the idea and meaning of forever and ever.

     It’s talking about the Lake of Fire which will be sealed over on the first day of eternity. This Hebraism is along the same lines as using the garbage dump outside the city of Jerusalem to describe the condition of a soul that is covered with sin and being in hell.

     It’s not burning forever and ever, its ashes forever and ever. Blotted out.

     Isaiah 34:11 But the cormorant and the bittern shall possess it; the owl also and the raven shall dwell in it: and he shall stretch out upon it the line of confusion, and the stones of emptiness.

     Cormorant-- OT:6893 qa'ath (kaw-ath'); from OT:6958; probably the pelican (from vomiting):

     Bittern-- OT:7090 qippowd (kip-pode'); or qippod (kip-pode'); from OT:7088; a species of bird, perhaps the bittern (from its contracted form):

     Owl-- OT:3244 yanshuwph (yan-shoof'); or yanshowph (yan-shofe'); apparently from OT:5398; an unclean (acquatic) bird; probably the heron (perhaps from its blowing cry, or because the night-heron is meant [compare OT:5399])]:

     Raven-- OT:6158 `oreb (o-rabe'); or `owreb (o-rabe'); from OT:6150; a raven (from its dusky hue):

     The line of confusion, and the stones of emptiness. There are only three places throughout Scripture where the Hebrew words bohuw are used: here in this verse in Isaiah 34:11; Genesis 1:2 and Jeremiah 4:23.

     Emptiness-- OT:922 bohuw (bo'-hoo); from an unused root (meaning to be empty); a vacuity, i.e. (superficially) an undistinguishable ruin:

     The sister word for bohuw is tohuw and it’s used 20 times:

     Confusion-- OT:8414 tohuw (to'-hoo); from an unused root meaning to lie waste; a desolation (of surface), i.e. desert; figuratively, a worthless thing; adverbially, in vain:

     Don't overlook that definition....a desolation of SURFACE.

     Generally, the Hebrew phrase is: tohuw va bohuw and it literally means void and without form.

     Why is this important? Because you cannot get a condition that is more desolate that what those words describe. The land of Idumea will lie as a complete waste.

     You will notice that all four of the birds mentioned in that verse are called dirty birds, in that, they eat dead flesh, of which, metaphorically speaking, there will be much to eat.

     In Genesis, the phrase tohuw va bohuw indicates the condition of the surface of the earth at the close of the first heaven/earth age. Father destroyed the surface that was present during that first age.

     During that time there were no storms, no seas, no oceans, no streams or rivers. There were no mountains, no valleys or breaking up of the landmass in any way.

     The axis of the earth was dead-on true north. There were no ice caps at either pole.

     The entire surface was fertile and filled with vegetation. Quite the reason for plant-eating animals during what science call “pre-historic” time periods.

     The dinosaurs, and others like them, were created to keep the vegetation at a level that would not overtake the entire earth. Probably the reason that they were so massive in size.

     All of the water that we see on earth today was suspended above and surrounded the entire planet and was called the firmament. It protected earthly life and spiritual life from the adverse effects of the sun’s rays.

     What spiritual life was there back in those times? Angels. You and I in spiritual bodies. We came to and from heaven, as we wished.

     During the Millennium, the earth’s surface will look just the same as it does today. Only during the eternity will the surface be turned back to its original form and shape.

     Isaiah 34:12 They shall call the nobles thereof to the kingdom, but none shall be there, and all her princes shall be nothing.

     There’s no world government anymore. There’s just nothing there.

     Isaiah 34:13 And thorns shall come up in her palaces, nettles and brambles in the fortresses thereof: and it shall be an habitation of dragons, and a court for owls.

     It’s all destitute. This owl is different from the one in verse 11:

     Owl--OT:3284 ya`anah (yah-an-aw'); feminine of OT:3283, and meaning the same: KJV -  owl.

     Feminine of--OT:3284 ya`en (yaw-ane'); from the same as OT:3282; the ostrich (probably from its answering cry: KJV - ostrich.

     It’s an ostrich.

        Dragon--OT:8577 tanniyn (tan-neen'); or tanniym (Ezekiel 29:3) (tan-neem'); intensive from the same as OT:8565; a marine or land monster, i.e. sea-serpent or jackal:

     Isaiah 34:14 The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest.

     It’s very interesting that the words screech owl, in the Hebrew, means Lilith, and it’s one of the only places where she is used:

       Screech owl--OT:3917 liyliyth (lee-leeth'); from OT:3915; a night spectre:

     A part of Jewish folklore, Lilith was said to be the first wife of Adam; Eve being the second and there is NO Scriptural backing for that. It’s false.

     She was said to have been created from the same handful of clay of which Adam was made. She was a strong-willed woman who objected to being made to lie on her back when having sexual intercourse with Adam.

     At one point, she cursed the name of God and flew off into the night. Probably the reference to the flight of the screech owl.

     Let me reaffirm this again: Lilith was not the first wife of Adam. She was simply Old Testament folklore, a part of Jewish traditions.

     The satyr was known as a he-goat, a part of satanic worship. Also called a vampire.

     The Scripture touches on some dark places at times. Even today some Jews use charms to keep her at bay and our word bogey-man comes from this as well.

     Isaiah 34:15 There shall the great owl make her nest, and lay, and hatch, and gather under her shadow: there shall the vultures also be gathered, every one with her mate.

      Where are the people? They’re gone. No longer in flesh and blood bodies.

     Isaiah 34:16 Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them.

     The governments that would go against our Father’s leading, they’re not going to be there. There’s not going to be any leaders.

     Seek ye out of the book of the Lord. Christ spoke about this as well:

     Ref:  John 5:39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. KJV

     The only place that you will ever find the true Christ is in the Scriptures. No book written by man can compare.

     Isaiah 34:17 And he hath cast the lot for them, and his hand hath divided it unto them by line: they shall possess it for ever, from generation to generation shall they dwell therein. KJV

     From age to age, it will never be again. This particular dimension will never be our home. We came from our Father, your very spirit and soul came from the Father. And that's where we shall return.

     This dimension will never be again, aside from animals, that’s why people are not there, that’s why the animals take it over and that’s why it’s their place and the government of today will no longer exist.

     There is a lot of information hidden in the Scriptures that we are not privy to and that is probably a blessing unto itself. Many people have done the research and it’s difficult to separate the truth from folklore, superstition, and just plain junk.

     To anyone that desires to look deeper into these areas I can only say that it might be best to leave them alone and don’t bother with them.

     If you want to play loose and fast with the spirits of the nether world, they will be more than willing to accommodate you. They know the rules and you don’t. You may find out that you’ll bite off more than you can chew.


-19 August 2016—

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