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The Book of Isaiah

     Isaiah prophesied concerning Judah and Jerusalem during the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.


     His prophesies covering a period probably from 758 B.C. to 698 B.C.


     He was married and had two sons.


     Rabinical tradition says that Isaiah, when 90 years old, was sawn asunder in the trunk of a carob tree by order of Manasseh:


     The tradition is in both Talmuds: in the one, the account is this: 


 ``Manasseh sought to kill Isaiah, and he fled from him, and fled to a cedar, and the cedar swallowed him up, all but the fringe of his garment; they came and told him (Manasseh), he said unto them, go and saw the cedar, (wronw) , "and they sawed the cedar", and blood was seen to come out.''

Chapter 1

The Vision of Isaiah

Chapter 2

The Word 

Chapter 3

Political Ruin of Judah

Chapter 4

Zion's Future Glory

Chapter 5

The Song of Yahaveh

Chapter 6

Voice from the Temple

Chapter 7

Civil War

Chapter 8

The Son

Chapter 9

Yahaveh's Confederacy

Chapter 10

Yahaveh's Covenant Broken

Chapter 11

The New Dispensation

Chapter 12

Praise for Yahaveh's Deliverance

Chapter 13

Burden of Babylon

Chapter 14

Burden of Babylon & Esrael

Chapter 15

Burden -1st of Seven

Chapter 16

The Burden of Moab

Chapter 17

The Burden of Damascus

Chapter 18

The Burden of Ethiopia

Chapter 19

The Burden of Egypt

Chapter 20


Chapter 21

Burden of the Desert of the Sea

Chapter 22

The Valley of Vision

Chapter 23

The Burden of Tyre

Chapter 24

Israel--Judgment & Mercy

Chapter 25


Chapter 26


Chapter 27

Song in Judah

Chapter 28

Alternating Woes

Chapter 29

Jerusalem & Lebanon

Chapter 30

The Egyptian League

Chapter 31


Chapter 32

Yahaveh's Righteous King

Chapter 33

The Assyrian Spoiler

Chapter 34

The Gentile Nations

Chapter 35

Yahaveh-The King in His Glory

Chapter 36

History and Prophesies

Chapter 37

Hezekiah-Reception of Message

Chapter 38

Isaiah-Answer to Prayer

Chapter 39

Isaiah-His Message

Chapter 40

The Voice from the Wilderness

Chapter 41

Messiah's Anointing & Mission

Chapter 42

Messiah and Nations

Chapter 43

Encouragement & Witnesses

Chapter 44

Jerusalem Restored

Chapter 45

Jerusalem Restored

Chapter 46

Babylon's Idols

Chapter 47

Babylon's Doom

Chapter 48

Messiah's Controversy

Chapter 49

Messiah's Mission

Chapter 50

The Breach--The Cause

Chapter 51

The Call to Harken

Chapter 52

The Call to Israel-Awake

Chapter 53

Messiah's Propitiatory Work

Chapter 54

The Call to Sing

Chapter 55

The Voice from the Wilderness

Chapter 56

Salvation is Near

Chapter 57

Contrasted Characters

Chapter 58

Contrasted Conduct

Chapter 59

Sin-Cause of the Breach

Chapter 60


Chapter 61

Messiah and Election

Chapter 62

Jerusalem, a City not Forsaken

Chapter 64

Prayer Offered

Chapter 63


Chapter 65

Prayer Answered

Chapter 66

Prayer Answered

The Prophet Isaiah

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