Bible Study-REV-FCH

The Book of Revelation  

The Final Chapter of Humanity


     Their precious rapture theory, the any moment and the fly-away doctrines are baseless lies and there is no getting around it. It’s a hoax. It’s a fraud. It’s a massive deception campaign put together by Satan and perpetrated and executed by your friendly neighborhood preacher/pastor.


     Some do it in ignorance; some do it for the mney; some do it for the power and prestige; some do it because they are soldiers in Satan’s army but most do it because the “Church Fathers” demand that they do it.


     While there are some that walk through this life with a God-driven destiny, to be used by God in some manner to help carry out His Plan, there also are those that do the same work for Satan. Good verses evil; right verses wrong.


     St. Paul said that there will be people living on this earth when Christ does return and there will come a morning when you will get up and turn on the television and it will be similar to that morning on September 11, 2001 because we will again experience something that we have never seen before.


     There will be a lot of excitement over an event that will be happening in Jerusalem. It will be the appearance of Satan in his role as Antichrist. It will not be a man or a woman or the Pope or Barak Obama or some human being possessed by an evil spirit. It will be Satan in his role as Antichrist.


     According to the rapture proponents, the church should have been taken up into the clouds by the time this event occurs so I would like for you to consider this: when the true Messiah returns at the seventh trump all knees will bow and every living human being on this planet will transcend from the flesh body to a spiritual body.


     St. Paul has explained to us that the spiritual body will never get sick or feel pain so when you see what appears to be the Messiah standing in Jerusalem I want you to pinch the skin on your arm and see if it hurts. If it does then you will know that the fake messiah is standing in Jerusalem and not the true Messiah, for you will not be in a spiritual body at this time.


     This realization may put a look of surprise on the face of a lot of people but it will be too late because the spiritual foundation that they will need at this time will not be there for them to rely on. They didn’t prepare for it.


     We don’t need to talk about the seven vials or the seven seals or the seven trumps or discuss whether the rapture theory is true or not because the time for talking will be over and there will be no one taken up to the clouds to meet with Jesus at this time. Look around at your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends and family. They will all still be here.


     There will be silence in heaven for the space of one-half hour and the Archangel Michael will release Satan; and the seven thousand fallen angels that have been held in Tartarus will come with him. The tribulation time of the Antichrist will be a five-month period and it will fall, approximately, between the months of May and September; the time of the adult stage of the locust and the great Apostasy will have begun.


     Christians who thought that they had it all figured out will become a part of this apostasy for they will unknowingly transfer their belief in Christ to a belief that Satan is Christ. Their mis-belief will be made even stronger by the miracles that Satan/Antichrist will perform in front of them.


     It will be difficult for Christians and God’s Election to buy and sell during this five month period but those with true faith will have the Hand of God on them. We are His children and He won’t desert us; we are mere days away from spending eternal life with Him.


     Our Father’s Election will already have made preparations for these times. Currency, in the form of coins and silver and gold, can be used to barter and buy with since the possibility of paper money being made worthless could be very real. Those who have made preparations will have canned food and bottled water in their pantries. This is no different than preparing for a hurricane along the East coast of Florida.


     The seven thousand fallen angels will be giving and taking in marriage just like in the days of Noah. These angels will be in spiritual bodies, as we have previously seen, and they will be nearly irresistible to many women. However, there will be no offspring, given the time considerations, as there was in Genesis.   


     These angels, for all of their handsome and glorious outward appearance, are not what they appear to be for the book of Jude says that they are filthy dreamers that defile the flesh, despise dominion and speak evil of dignities. They are doers of ungodly deeds. They are here, with Satan, to destroy the souls of men and women alike for they have a preference for both sexes.


     During this five month period Satan, in his role as the Antichrist, will bring many people before his councils. Most people will not have to worry about that happening to them for only God’s Election, those with His seal in their mind, will be called. And the Election don’t have to worry either for the Holy Spirit will use them and speak through them and the words that will be spoken at that time will even turn the thoughts of the gainsayers around and many of them will be convinced that the Antichrist is not the true Messiah.


     Although Satan has been told by God Himself not to touch His Anointed he will disregard those instructions and three and one-half days before the end of these five months he will kill the two witnesses; the two Sons of Oil. It doesn’t really matter who these two witnesses are for they are servants of the Living God and their soul and spirit cries out to fulfill this part of our Father’s Plan.


     After twelve-hundred and sixty days of prophesying, especially during this five month period, the entire world will rejoice because these two prophets are dead and they don’t have to listen to these two tell the world that their apparent savior is not the true Savior.


     They will lie dead in Jerusalem in an open grassy area, an arena. It won’t be in the “streets” of Jerusalem for that is a mistranslation. Every news organization from around the world will have news cameras focused on these two men twenty-four hours a day.


     They will not be picked up by a hearse and buried because the Kenites have already gone through one scenario of similar conditions: when Christ was nailed to the cross, died and then rose. Nope, they will keep a close eye on these two.


     And at the end of those three and one-half days they will rise up, they will stand up before the crowds and the cameras and when they do a paralyzing fear will grip the entire world. And they will ascend toward the heaven in sight of the whole world and the seven thousand angels that were released with Satan will be killed by our Father.


     Stark, cold reality will envelope the consciousness of people who took not the time to place the seal of God in their foreheads and they will pray for mountains to fall on themselves because they have bought into the lies of


  • those that wear white collars and hold bibles;


  • those that are clothed with scarlet robes and drink wine from golden chalices;


  • those that sell glow-in-the-dark crucifixes and cheap prayer-cloths


     and through their greed they sucked the spiritual marrow from the bones of those that loved God above all else and they placed the souls of these people at the altar and feet of Satan.


     And the seventh angel will blow the last trumpet and our Lord will set His feet on this earth for the second time; the spiritual battles of Armageddon and Hamon-Gog will be completed within minutes, and life as we knew it will be over.


     There will be no more flesh on this earth.




9 March 2015