The Bible and Homosexuality


     He was about seven years old when I met him. His father was a preacher, his mother was more attentive to him than necessary, but then he was their third and last child and several years younger than his brother and sister. He liked to play with dolls and his older sister would dress him up in her clothes and play make-believe.


     When he graduated high school he had a photographer do a professional photo shoot with him dressed up like a woman. Wig, makeup, jewelry, the whole works. I saw the photos and he looked pretty nice but you could still tell that he was a young man under it all.


     Years went by and I didn’t hear much from or about him except that he was known to be gay and lived with a male partner. Everybody said that the reason he turned out that way was because his sister dressed him up like a girl and put jewelry on him when he was young.


     Obviously, this story is about a young man that is homosexual and homosexuality seems to be “in” these days. So much so that there are more than 38 professional organizations and associations dedicated to gays and lesbians, with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) and GLADD (Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists) being the most well-known.


     So, how does one become a gay or lesbian? Big question with lots of controversy. Is a person born that way or is it a chosen life style? In the case of my young friend it would seem that he had those tendencies from a very young age so how could his current life style be a choice? Wasn’t he born that way? Is this a genetic defect? Does he have more X chromosomes than Y, or vice versa? Is this a mutation of nature?


     I heard someone say one time that if a person were heterosexual, when did they choose to be that way? The argument being that a heterosexual didn’t choose to be that way, it just came naturally so it can be assumed that one who is gay also came by it naturally.


     Personally, I don’t think that it’s that easy, to just say that homosexuality or heterosexuality is something natural. We are all complex human beings, and the way that we think and the way that we reason, changes many times during our lifetime. What we thought as a six-year old is very different from what we thought as a sixteen-year old.


     I do believe that sexuality is a choice. I read a book many years ago by a well-known psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, who said that men would not have close male friends if we didn’t have some inherent homosexual tendencies. Same thing applies to women.


     I was also involved in the world of medicine many years ago as well and, without going into detail or getting graphic, there are parts of the female sexual anatomy that very closely resembles the male sexual anatomy


     There is but a sliver of a difference between the male and female body. Men are known to get breast cancer today. A man can develop female breasts by simply taking female hormones. Women can develop a beard by taking male hormones. 


     We live in a society today where we are told that everyone is supposed to have equal rights and this includes gays and lesbians. They have a right to come out of the closet, they have a right not to be discriminated against in the workplace for doing so and they have a right to be legally married and enjoy the benefits afforded heterosexual married couples.


     The Federal government, and States as well, are determining whether homosexuality should be public and lawful or not. This is all part of the legal issue. At present 17 States have legalized same-sex marriages while 33 have laws against it. No doubt more states will pass laws allowing it due to lobbying by the gay/lesbian organizations and the need for politicians to get reelected.


     But while this legal issue is in the headlines all the time there is not one mention of the moral issues involved except on some conservative talk shows. And the morality of it all is not concerned with what happens behind closed doors but what happens in public and it has become more than just a trend or the “in” thing to do, it’s become part of the way of life among all of us.


     Where this kind of behavior used to be kept secret, because society would not put up with public displays of this type, it is now a part of our everyday life. Gay pride, festivals and parades allow this lifestyle to be glamorized.


     It is literally everywhere you look on TV today. In animated TV programs, comedy and variety programs, dramatic TV series, made for TV films, news and information programs, reality TV programs, sitcoms and soaps.


     And although it offends many, many people because of the morality of it all, it also desensitizes young children to the immorality of it all. Some children today already think that homosexuality is a part of everyday life and maybe you don’t want to think about it but you can bet that the government schools that they attend are teaching them that it’s ok as well. It’s called indoctrination.


     I don’t think that there are as many people happy about this situation as the news media would have us to believe. And I’m sure, as maybe you do, that they don’t think they can do anything about it. What can you do? Write your congressman? Your senator?


     Barney Frank was too busy running a homosexual sex ring out of a DC apartment to listen to anybody protesting against it. Other senators and congressmen are too busy covering their butts trying to keep their extramarital affairs secret to listen. It’s not as big a deal as immigration or tax reform or, heaven forbid, Obamacare.


    Man-made laws are being passed to accommodate a very small percentage of the population at the embarrassment and uneasiness of the rest. Remember the Gay Pride Parade at Disneyworld a few years ago? I assume that because of the huge support shown for this parade there now is, in the Orlando/Disneyworld area of Florida, a Disney Gay Days held every year in early June and a Gay Pride Celebration held in October.


     Isn’t it wonderful that we can expose our children and grandchildren to this type of activity? If it were done in a tasteful and low-key way it might not be so obnoxious but they dress like freaks with in-your-face body grabbing, kissing and such.


     Let’s get to the point: what does the Bible have to say about this kind of activity? What does our Holy Father have to say about it?


     God gave Moses the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai. Inscribed them onto two pieces of stone with His finger! When Moses came down from that mountain he was presented with a scene that upset him quite a bit.


     All the people got impatient waiting for him to get back so they talked Moses’s brother Aaron into melting all the gold and silver jewelry and make a golden calf and the party was on! Wine and orgies! Everywhere you looked! It made Moses so mad that he threw the stone tablets on the ground and broke them and had to go back up the mountain to have our Father make another set.


     Now, the 10 Commandments are just the tip of the iceberg. These are 10 major commands separated into two groups: the first five pertain to the spiritual while the other five pertain to the earthly. These are by no means ALL the regulations, laws and ordinances that our Father gives to us but if you live by these 10 you can pretty much get into Paradise by the skin of your teeth.


    You will notice that there is no mention of prohibited sex among male/male or female/female couples. But since the entire Bible is there for us to read and find out what else our Father had on His mind, it might do us well to read it from time to time. With understanding, if possible.


     For the Bible to be a viable source of information to many generations in the future our Father uses “types” of people to let us know what to do and what not to do in each generation forward. Simple truth is that people and human nature doesn’t change all that much.


     Outside forces, societal behavior and technology changes quite a bit but the very nature of human beings does not. What turned an ‘ole boy on 5000 years ago still turns a good ‘ole boy on today. Quite the reason that prostitution is called the oldest profession on earth. People been doing that since day one.


     So, if you break one of mans’ laws you’ll probably go to jail; if you break one of our Fathers’ laws you might end up in hell, so it might behoove us to find out what He thinks about this same-sex activity.


     If you have a Strong’s Concordance or bible software on your computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone do a search for the word “abomination”. This will give you some verses where our Father expresses His anger, yep, anger, at some of the things that we do that He would rather we not do. Makes Him really mad when we do these things.


     There are a couple of Hebrew words that are translated into the English word abomination but I’m only going to use the Hebrew word contained in the verse or verses that I’m going to quote. No need to confuse things by using the definition of the wrong word; I’m probably going to upset a lot of people as it is, don’t want to do more than is necessary.


     From the Strong’s Concordance:


     ✡ Abomination_OT: 8441 tow’ebah (to-ay-baw); or to’ebah (to-ay-bas’); feminine active participle of OT:8581; properly, something disgusting (morally), I.e. (as noun) an abhorrence; especially idolatry or (concretely) an idol.


     “Something disgusting morally.”


     Jude 7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.


     Strange flesh is exactly what it seems to be. Male with male, female with female. What is not strange flesh is man/woman. These two words along with the word mankind are used in the Scriptures when the subject of same-sex activities is being discussed.


     Romans 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:




     Romans 1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.




     Paul is writing a letter to the Romans, cautioning them against the unnatural sexual practices which are not only against our Fathers’ laws but the laws of nature itself.


     Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.


     In the book of Leviticus, our Father is speaking about other sexual practices as well. Basically, whom we can have sex with and who we cannot, but these other verses apply to women and animals and family relatives, some through marriage, and not strange flesh.


     Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.


     Here the word mankind is used instead of strange flesh. Pretty much a repeat of chapter 18 for emphasis.


     Ok, I’ve covered most of the verses in Scripture that predominately deal with male/male and female/female sexual practices. It’s mentioned many more time but in a more diluted fashion, mixed in with other subjects but I think I’ve gotten the point across without beating it to death.


     Is there anything concerning cross-dressing? Just asking!


     Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.


     Now don’t get all bent out of shape and think that our Father is saying that anybody that wears women’s clothing is going to hell. Not saying that at all. This refers to advertisement and enticement. My young friend at the beginning of this article had a photo shoot while dressed in women’s clothing and all the trappings. Nothing wrong with that unless you want to use those photos for advertising your availability and inner desires.


     How does the military handle this subject?


     "Don't ask, don't tell" (DADT) was the official United States policy on service by gays and lesbians in the military from February 28, 1994, when Department of Defense Directive 1304.26 issued on December 21, 1993, took effect,[1] until September 20, 2011. The policy prohibited military personnel from discriminating against or harassing closeted homosexual or bisexual service members or applicants, while barring openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual persons from military service.”


     The above paragraph was from a news article on gays in the military services. I did four years in the USAF in the early 1960’s and there was no policy at that time that I know of. Among the guys that I hung with there was very little talk concerning homosexuality which, now, I think was unusual.


    During boot camp you have a barracks full of young, virile men with little supervision after lights out other than the night sentry, who was most probably snoozing in the latrine.


     Discipline was extraordinarily strong back in those days and I guess that kept a lid on everything because we never saw any evidence of this practice. Later on, while on regular duty assignments, I did see something one time but that was pretty much it.


     That is not to say that this practice didn’t go on behind closed doors because it did. It just wasn’t out in the open.


     DADT was repealed in July 22, 2011 by joint certification of President Obama, Leon Panetta and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen.


     During World War ll, when the Allied Forces were deployed in the open countryside in Europe, personal hygiene could have been a problem. Instead, it was remedied by a verse in the book of Deuteronomy.


     After the troops were dug in (Foxholes) they all got out their small shovels and began digging a trench which became affectionately known as a straddle trench. After you had done your business you used your shovel to cover it all up and you went on your way. Very practical, very efficient:


     Deuteronomy 23:12 Thou shalt have a place also without the camp, whither thou shalt go forth abroad:


     Deuteronomy 23:13 And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee:


     This paddle is a small shovel with which they shall dig the trench. Now, here’s the reason I came to these verses:


     Deuteronomy 23:14 For the Lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee, and to give up thine enemies before thee; therefore shall thy camp be holy: that he see no unclean thing in thee, and turn away from thee.


     Father says that He doesn’t want to see any unclean thing. Our Father not only can see in the dark, He can see inside our minds and know our thoughts. It wasn’t that He didn’t just want to see this activity physically, He also didn’t want to see the desire for it in our minds.


     The only unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and that sin cannot be committed until Satan, in his role as Antichrist, sets up his councils and brings God’s Elect before them to question them. Christ told us not to premeditate as to what we will say at that time because it won’t be our words that will be spoken but those of the Holy Spirit


     If we deny the Holy Spirit to speak through us, then we have committed the unforgivable sin. That’s the only sin that cannot and will not be forgiven by our Father.


     If one commits the sin of murder his soul is in jeopardy of judgment. His soul can be forgiven this sin but it will take the intervention from the soul of the person who was murdered to determine the final outcome.


     Don’t think for one minute that you can take the physical life of someone and get away with just life in prison. When you kill someone you take away every possibility of our Father using that soul for works that may bring others to His throne. And the soul of the person that you murdered will have some say in whether you enter into Paradise or not.


     I can’t back that up with Scripture but I have had that explained to me by a pastor who taught the bible for over 50 years and his argument makes absolute and perfect sense.


     Our Father loves all His children but He doesn’t like a lot of the things that we do. Just like a natural parent in these earthly bodies.


     The practice of homosexuality and lesbianism is not the unforgivable sin and although it is against most moral codes today and it is offensive to see it practiced out in public view, many times in front of our children, that’s what I find most offensive. The publicity of it all.


     I really don’t give a rats butt what people do in the sanctity of their own homes or dwellings concerning this issue but give the rest of us the respect we deserve and don’t do it out in public and certainly not in front of our children.


     I don't condemn the people that practice this way of life nor is it my job to do so. Judgment comes from the Almighty. But when I see such things my soul and spirit rebels within me, telling me that what I see is against the laws of our Father and nature itself. If all of us had practiced this sexual orientation there would not have been any "replenishing" of the earth because children are not produced through these actions.


     Only carnal pleasure.


     Society has already accepted this way of life and, no doubt, the government will soon give them the benefits that heterosexual couples receive by way of benefits. 


     And the indoctrination of our children into accepting that way of life to be normal is seen in commercials on Tv...


     ✡ A Taltz commercial with two gay guys with two small girls.


     ✡ A shaving cream commercial with a transvestite putting on eye liner.


     ✡ An Amovig commercial with two gay guys holding hands on a couch; two women holding hands over a countertop.


      A Capital One commercial with two lesbian women kissing.


     ✡ A Dollar-Shave club commercial with a transvestite shaving his/her legs.


     You alone will stand before our Father on judgment day and whether you read the Scriptures to find out how He wants us to live this life or not, you will still be judged by the contents of that book.


     Ignorance is no excuse.


     This guy I talked about at the beginning of this study….he was my nephew.



__2 December 2018__