There are a variety of reasons why we believe certain things in life. Some of these "truths" have been placed in our minds since childhood...Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are good examples.


     Most of these "truths" are minor in importance, not really affecting our lives one way or the other.


     But we're in a time right now when the actual truth needs to be brought out, front and center, the time of believing in fantasy is vanishing quickly.


     We are the souls/human beings that our Lord spoke about some 2000 years ago. We are the final generation, the generation that our Lord said would not pass away until all the things that He spoke of, would come to pass.


     I wrote this book, Time, Truth and Wisdom,  with that thought in mind, that it's time to dispel of some beliefs that really have no foundation at all, no truth within them.


     All twenty-five subjects contained in this book are backed up by Scripture references and some of it might just change the way you think about a lot of things. At least, I hope so.


God bless and enjoy.

Chapter 1

Before Creation, Our Father and the Angels

Chapter 2

Creation, the Scientific Version

Chapter 6

The Firmament, the Water  Over & Under

Chapter 7

The Gap Theory, Genesis 1:1 & 1:2

Chapter 11

The Kenites, the Sons of Cain

Chapter 12

The Nephilim & the Fallen Angels

Chapter 3

Creation Tablets, Pagan version

Chapter 4

Science, the Evolution of Mankind

Chapter 8

Tohuw va Bohuw, Created Void & Without Form?

Chapter 9

The 6th-day Creation & the 8th-day Creation

Chapter 13

The Rapture Theory, Satan's Crown Jewel

Chapter 14

Speaking in Tongues, True or False?

Chapter 5

The Katobale', the Foundation of the World

Chapter 10

Adam & Eve, In the Garden

Chapter 15

December 25th, the Birthday of Christ?

Chapter 16

Easter, the Death of Christ on Friday?

Chapter 17

Hell, the Eternal Burning Fire?

Chapter 18

The Apostasy, the Turning Away

Chapter 19

False Prophets & Preachers

Chapter 20

The Prophesy of Jesus Christ

Chapter 21

The Generation of the Fig Tree

Chapter 22

The Antichrist  &  The Mark of the Beast

Chapter 23

The Final Chapter of Humanity

Chapter 24

The Millennium, the 1000 Years

Chapter 25

The New Jerusalem, The Eternity Here on Earth