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All 25 Chapters of Time, Truth, & Wisdom are now available to be read on the site.

The Book of Jeremiah, chapter 31 is ready for study

Opal Carlene Richards

29 November 1944--25 September 2019

     This PDF file gives you a very understandable look at what was happening during the time of the very beginning when Father started His Creating.

     You will learn some things that you have probably NEVER, EVER been taught before so it's going to be exciting!

     As you can see, it's a PDF file and by clicking on the icon, the file will open up in a new window. From there you can read it or you can save it to your own computer.

     It might be a good idea to set up a location on your computer before downloading...might keep you from doing a lot of searching when you try to find it later.

     Or simply look for it in your "Download" directory.

     The displayed file name might be confusing so choose a different file name when downloading, such as

"Genesis Chapter 1_TLF".

(TLF indicating this website...The Light Forever.

     "Right Click" on the file, click "Save As", and change the name if you want to, and also choose a directory where it will be downloaded.

Have fun!